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11 Best Shopify Apps For SEO and Speed To Increase Your Website Ranking and Revenue

Best Shopify Apps For SEO

11 Best Shopify Apps For SEO

It’s now easier to sell a lot of things online, thanks to Shopify. Through this platform as well, you can access apps that’ll help you increase your revenues through SEO or search engine optimization. The visibility of your store can be boosted through these SEO services companies or apps, making it more auspicious for you to sell your products.

Top 11 Shopify Apps For SEO and Speed To Increase Your Website Ranking and Revenue

Are you a Shopify store owner who wants to grow your e-commerce SEO efforts? Then take a good look at the best Shopify apps for SEO and speed list below.

1. Omnistar Affiliate Software

Omnistar Affiliate Software

Do you want your Shopify store to be as viral as can be? Then check out this OSI affiliate software. It makes creating and managing a referral marketing campaign easier for you. More visitors will be directed to your website. If you want to publicize your online store, this app will help you do so by making it simple to hire and manage marketing agents.

Leads are more favourably generated to your Shopify website and feedback about your business is handily recorded for improvements. Your store can be enhanced by features such as web banners, deep linking, automated customer enrollment, along with a multi-tier referral program.

2. SEO Image Optimizer

SEO Image Optimizer

What this app is good at is leveraging on SEO so that traffic is directed to your Shopify app page. You can set up this app quickly- basically in less than a minute. No manual improvements would be necessary. With the help of this app, SEO traffic will be drawn to your Shopify store from Google search results.

It’s even more fantastic because the SEO Image Optimizer is free and easy to install. Just a few tweaks and management, or even none at all is required. Making premium Alt tags makes way for easier usage of your store, and this is particularly helpful for people with visual impairments.

The SEO Image Optimizer is one of the best apps you can use if you want your store to get better Google image search rankings.

3. SEO All in One & Automated

SEO All in One & Automated

This app is awesome in that it allows your page to get higher page ranking on all popular search engines. Your images become SEO-friendly, leading to more visibility and traffic to your eCommerce store. Via a simple and easily-processed template, Meta-tags are handily created and applied to your products.

SEO-related issues and checked and fixed by SEO All in One & Automated, making your Shopify store efficient. Broken links on your website are checked through a mobile-friendly system. Advanced meta-settings are featured in this app as well.

4. JSON LD for SEO

Purchased at a one-off affordable price, the JSON LD for SEO app facilitates in driving more organic search traffic to your website, but without too much competition with other stores.

Descriptions of your product will be displayed directly in the search engine, and this results to better conversion from visitors who find your website on Bing, Google, and other search engines.

5. PageSpeed Guru

This is indeed one of the best Shopify apps for SEO and speed in that it enhances the experience of your customers when they visit your website. When customers search for your store online, your website ranking goes higher because its loading speed is enhanced. With a faster page, your ad expenses are reduced because you’ll have lesser costs for advertising.

6. SEO Doctor

This app specializes in resolving all the SEO problems of your Shopify website. Suggestions provided by this app to fix such issues are easy to follow. If there are 404 errors, SEO Doctor can find and fix them.

It also helps improve the effectiveness of the title and product description of your store, and assists in obtaining a better ranking for your product images in Google search results. SEO Doctor has an individual smart compression function that helps in improving the page loading speed of your website.

7. SEO Photo Optimizer

SEO Photo Optimizer

Via this Shopify app, you can obtain a higher Google ranking and better revenue when you use Alt tags on your product images. This app is unique in that it allows you to resize, compress, and implement SEO-enhancing alt tags product images in more quantities. Then again, as the best perk, you’ll be able to save the original product images for use later on.

8. FireAMP

Your mobile page speed is enhanced by this app, consequently improving your organic Google search ranking. The users of your website will have an enhanced experience because of faster mobile page speed.

This is how FireAMP is able to increase the number of visitors of your website. Ultimately, customer conversion and revenue are increased.

9. SPO (SEO Product Optimizer)

You don’t have to worry about the trouble of modifying your preview links without learning how to code. SPO is the right app to use so that you’ll be able to create and manage meta tags for your Shopify store owners.

Through SPO, which is appropriate for niche products and keywords, your website will be easier to find through increased keyword visibility on various search engines.

10. ReloadSEO


This Shopify app is one of the best when it comes to driving visitors to your website. What it primarily does is enhance the Google page ranking of your website and product pages. Even if you’re not equipped with technical skills, you’ll find it easy to use ReloadSEO.

Keyword research, together with content optimization, and backlink checking are some of the important SEO features provided by this app. ReloadSEO contains a competitor content analysis report that allows you to access what type of content is created by your competition.

11. SEO Manager

This app is one-of-a-kind because it assists you in managing your SEO campaign. Having this type of program arranged, you can expect an efficient SEO scan, along with meta content tools, and suggestions for keywords.

These are just to mention a few of the substantial features of SEO Manager that will improve the SEO ranking of your website and deem it as a more authoritative material.


With the best Shopify apps for SEO and speed to guide and help you, you can be on your way to increasing your website rankings and revenue.

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