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How We Increased An eCommerce Store’s Revenue By 25%

Ecommerce SEO Case Study Of How We Increased An eCommerce Store’s Revenue By £30k Per Month  

The dream of any e-commerce store owner: to be at the top of Google, welcoming free customers (from the search engines) and making many sales, right? 


This is only possible with the best SEO strategies (not strategies that worked in the 90’s).

With the boom in the eCommerce market, many e-stores focus more on their online presence to meet the target sales. In order to reach targeted traffic, e-sellers have to ensure that they drive potential buyers through a search engine. The most effective way of doing this is by doing SEO. It helps in reaching valuable customers and increase sales. E-commerce SEO is a process that let you discover new customers and keep returning visitors thereby increasing the sale of your products.

In this case study, I am going to take you through how my agency took a well-established brand and grew their traffic to deliver a lot of sales.

We managed to achieve a staggering 30% traffic increase in just 3 months.

Here’s how….

The challenge ahead

Our client is one of the industry-leading shoe fashion companies within the UK.

The brand was already well established, gaining traffic and making sales. However, like any business, they wanted to scale with organic search (SEO).

The problem was, like many big Shopify eCommerce websites, they had a fair amount of technical SEO issues to start with. A lot of them was what we’re used to with Shopify SEO

seo case study

The team has been amazing at link building for our website. They have helped us choose the exact links relating to our niche, which in turn has improved our site’s search ranking.

Here’s how it went..

Ecommerce SEO Strategy

#Step 1 SEO Auditing

SEO Auditing is a major part of an effective SEO strategy. An audit helps us find and then fix issues…

Here’s the thing, out of every website we audit, they all generally have issues. There are alot of things that can go wrong under the hood of a website – that’s not noticeable.

So here’s how it went.

The initial audit brought up a lot of issues to work on to improve the rankings. So the work began on fixing these to improve the website’s ranking.

This image will probably look like a scramble but it’s how we pull apart a website for fixes!

technical SEO screaming frog

#Step 2 Planning, then doing technical SEO Fixes

As an e-commerce store owner, you are in a race to beat your competitors and rank top on online search results, right?! What you don’t realise is that ranking is not the only thing that matters when it comes to your SEO strategy!

SEO website health

We Like to get an early grip on the overall health of a website!

To be successful, you also need to make sure that your website is working perfectly and looking great on all platforms. That is where Technical SEO comes in – to make your website work flawlessly for your customers!

So we prioritised the fixes – starting with those that have the biggest impact..

Let’s continue, shall we…

#Step 3 On-Page SEO 

Every eCommerce store owner knows: getting on page 1 of Google and getting traffic is getting tougher day by day when it comes to search engine positions. On-Page SEO is getting more and more crucial during this tough time. On-page SEO is one of the most valuable tools for maximizing your website’s potential to be found in search engines. It can help you increase your site’s overall Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP). Without on-page SEO, you may experience a lot of obstacles during the process of getting your website ranked and/or attracting new customer(s).

On-page SEONow, I don’t mean just throwing words on a webpage. On-page SEO is an art – supplemented by the best SEO tools such as SurferSEO.

So, we made sure that the on-page was better than the top 10 ranking competitors.

Searchers Intent

The days are gone when you could just target a single keyword.

So what do we do?

Well… It’s up to your E-commerce SEO agency to define the intent behind the keyword – such as transactional intent. This requires another guide to go in-depth on this subject… So let’s carry on with the case study 🙂

#Step 4 Topical clustering

One of the most underutilised strategies in SEO.

This image from HubSpot shows a basic cluster… I love a visualization

SEO Cluster modelSEO topical clustering is the way to present the site content for containing all the topically relevant pages within a bounded area on the site. Search engine optimization (SEO) topical clustering contains the related and related web site pages content that is relevant, coherent and inter-related to one another. SEO topical clustering improves the company’s customer satisfaction and other search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) ranking positions of the website.

We made sure the website was optimised for silos to make search engines crawl the site easier, understand topical relevance, and to improve rankings.

A big part of this is internal linking….

#Step 5 Internal Linking 

Often referred to as the bloodlines of a website. And it’s true.

Here is an awesome visualisation

Siloing SEOInternal linking is essential for SEO. But many online shop owners misunderstand its importance. Some of them think it is useless and will never have any impact on their website’s optimization. 

But here’s the thing, the correct approach of internal linking will not only get you a good ranking in Google but also give your customers a better user experience.

Just be internal linking, we have taken products onto page 1 from the deep depths of Google’s pages.

#Step 6 Link Building

Link building is the key to making your website rank higher on search engine results pages. Building links are important for every business because it gives your site authority and helps you reach more people. When done (right), your site traffic will rise leading to increased conversion rate. In order to get quality backlinks, you need a link building agency to do this for you…

This is where we come in 🙂

We put together a strategy to rank the money pages higher. This included niche edits and guest posts etc.

Our link building strategy brought solid results and helped improve rankings.

Final Thoughts

I hope this SEO case study has shown you how important it is to use an SEO strategy wisely and strategically. Whilst building relevant and quality content to gain a strong backlink profile with niche relevant links.

Your e-commerce brand should have the best content possible. This also helps to show Google you’re an authority within your niche!

And think about it, the more content, the more keywords, the more chance of ranking, right?

Another thing, you have seen the value of interlinking content and website experience when incorporating  SEO, along with usability and on-oriented internal links to ensure greater use of all pages on your e-commerce website.

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