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SEO Tips for Traffic On Pinterest in 21/22

pinterest SEO tips

Fast SEO Tips for Traffic On Pinterest: How to Write Pin Titles

Although Pinterest success can be elusive at times, and Pinterest SEO can be a mystery, every time Pinterest tells us what we can do to better our performance, we can do it. This is undoubtedly the case for Pin names.

Pinterest considers Pin titles to be so relevant that they must be used on any picture you save to the site. Let’s take a look at what they are, how to add them, and how to make them work for you using Pinterest SEO.

Do you want to make it any easier? Sign up for a free trial of Tailwind for Pinterest to get a head start on Pin Titles. You don’t even have to write them yourself, as a hint.

What is a Pin Title, exactly?

The Pin Title is a brief (up to 100 characters) piece of prominent, bold text that gives the Pin more meaning in the feed and on a Pin closeup.

When anyone sees your Pin in their feed or as part of a search result, the first 30 characters or so of the title would most often (but not always) appear underneath your picture. When they click on the Pin for more details, they’ll see:

Pin names in the feed on the left. Right: Use closeup to pin names.

Why Are Pin Titles Essential for Pinterest SEO?

A Pin title gives the picture more meaning. Pinterest uses it to choose whether to show your Pin in search and relevant photos, and Pinners searching for more detail before clicking through to your site use it.

When you didn’t manually insert a title on Pinterest before, it would either pull your title from Rich Pin data if you had it, or it would pull the first part of your definition to form a Pin title. All Pins must now have a unique title.

Don’t panic if this feels like more work; we’ve got you covered.

How to Make a Pin Title That Will Get You More Clicks on Pinterest

Your Pin title can be up to 100 characters long, but only the first 30 or so will appear in feeds, so choose wisely!

Keep in mind that the aim of your Pin title is to provide meaning for your image. Don’t copy and paste what’s in your Pin summary or the text on your pic. It can be used to add details that will entice users to click.

Using the keywords you’d imagine users to search for while searching for a Pin similar to yours. Here’s where you can learn (a lot) more about Pinterest SEO.

Instead of keyword stuffing, use natural language, never overpromising or using click bait techniques (in reality, avoid using the term click entirely). Pinterest will sense this, and the Pins’ scope will suffer as a result. Explain what this Pin has to do in a frank and detailed manner (as thorough as you can in 100 characters!)..

How does this content maker maintain enough consistency for successful SEO and content delivery while still using the additional area for reference without repeating the description?

With a good Pin title, you can create a Pinterest pic.

In your Pin names, you might want to use title case rather than sentence case. It has been seen to increase click-through rates when used in advertising because it is more official (and more like a headline). Are you unsure of how to use title case? This helpful converter can take care of anything for you – and it doesn’t have to be flawless!

What are the Best Keywords for Pin Titles?

Start with the keywords in the material you’ve connected to. Pinterest is looking for continuity from pin to pin and post to page. Expand the quest to include other keywords that are more likely to be searched on Pinterest.

Pinterest will inform you of what people are looking for! Simply begin typing the keyword you used on your website, and you’ll be presented with a number of similar options.

Use these Pinterest-recommended keywords in your Pin names, descriptions, picture text, the Board title and summary where you’ll save this Pin, and the page you refer to for the best distribution of your Pin (title, description, and main text). Naturally, you won’t be able to position them in every single one of those spots, but do your best to avoid keyword stuffing.

How to Make a Pinterest Pin Title?

When you make a Pin directly on Pinterest, you’ll see Pin names. It is, in truth, the most well-known field:

How to Add a Title to a Pin When Using Tailwind for Scheduling

When you schedule a Pin on Tailwind (whether with the extension, upload, Tailwind Communities, or SmartLoop), you’ll see the following:

Simply edit the title by clicking into the title area. Alternatively, if you want the one that’s already there, make a reservation!

This stage will be sped up with Tailwind!! Any title details we find on the URL you’re using will be immediately pulled in. Of course, you are free to use what we find or modify the definition in whatever way you see fit!

Do you want to make it any easier? Sign up for a free trial of Tailwind for Pinterest to get a head start on Pin Titles. You don’t even have to write them yourself, as a hint.

Is it necessary for me to go back and add titles to old pins?

What if you’ve been pinning your content to Pinterest for years without giving it a title? Is this to say that you’ll have to edit all of them – or that you’ll have to save it to Pinterest again, this time with the Pin title?

No way! As for any Pinterest updates, you’ll want to concentrate on today and tomorrow – there’s no need to go back and tweak the older Pins – PHEW!

What About Tailwind Pins I’ve Scheduled on Pinterest?

Do not be concerned! We didn’t want you to have to edit any of your draughts, planned Pins, Tailwind Communitites entries, and SmartLoop Pins because we know all of you like to prepare ahead. So, from your Rich Pin and other website info, we’re pulling in as many titles as we can. You should check your planned Pins dashboard to make sure it is in order after it was pulled from your site.

We’ll search for Rich Pins first to auto-populate your Pin titles if you have them available. Otherwise, we’ll try to come up with a title using meta data and other signals. It’s a huge speed saver!

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