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How to Use SEO Manager to Improve Your Shopify Store’s SEO

How to Use SEO Manager to Improve Your Shopify Store’s SEO

Shopify is a very popular e-commerce platform, and being so, it is tremendously in demand. It offers some of the best SEO e-commerce services. It is a surefire way of catapulting the profit of your online store, granting that you optimize it well. Then again, Shopify is predominantly ideal for growing start-ups and small stores on the Internet. 

You’ll be losing out on important site traffic and thousands (!) of potential customers if you don’t optimise your Shopify store for search engines. Many website owners, on the other hand, do not have hours to devote to tinkering with the technicalities of keywords, meta details, alt tags, and the like.

Identifying and fixing ways to make your shop more search engine friendly. Look around.

The basic and salient ingredient in making your Shopify store successful is SEO. With your SEO strategy obtaining sufficient potential, your website can greatly improve its ranking. As a Shopify SEO agency, we have a lot of tips for you.

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What is Shopify’s SEO Manager?

The most successful SEO app for Shopify is SEO Manager. It’s chock-full of powerful tools that let you make improvements to your website to make it easier for Google to find you.

When Google finds you, it will give you higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) and more organic traffic, which means more potential customers will come your way.

Setup for SEO Manager

This helps you to manage your store’s Shopify SEO settings. On a product, list, website, or blog, you can edit the metadata, image alt text, and target keywords, as well as get keyword suggestions based on current Google trends.

You will have access to some helpful tools that allow you to check the SEO health of and page and see if your store is mobile friendly, as well as more advanced settings that allow you to dig deeper into your website’s SEO.

Connect Manager displays a list of missing pages and broken ties, as well as intelligent redirect suggestions for repairing them. You can accept these suggestions by clicking a button, or you can edit them to add your own URL redirect.

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Information about the business
Add details about your store’s search presence using the Company Data app. This includes, among other things, social media profiles, physical location, and contact information.

SEO Manager sends this information to Google to help them figure out who you are and to give them more authority and confidence signals. If you have a bridging company, it’s especially useful for helping you rank for local search.

Analytics For Google

The Search Analytics tool, which is operated by Google Search Console, helps you to collect data on how people find your website, including the channels they use and what questions they use. It doesn’t go as far as Google Analytics, but it does have a very straightforward and easy-to-understand summary.